Last week my American Eskimo Dog needed a life-saving blood transfusion because his immune system was attacking his own red blood cells. Normally they would start him on immune system supressents first, but he was so ill he needed an immediate transfusion. He was in the ICU for 6 days, needed two transfusions, and just came home on Wednesday. Micah is 13 and should have many years left to live. He is my first-born son and my sidekick and my best buddy and I would be so very sad without him here. I rescue Eskies and have others here, but the house was empty every day he was gone.

I have no idea where his blood came from (we are in Michigan), but I wanted to say Thank You to someone who makes this life saving treatment possible. Please pass on to the folks out there who take the time and effort to donate their own baby's blood so the rest of us can have our babies with us longer. You have NO idea how much this really means to me and so many others.


--Sandra and Micah Little Bear
MI American Eskimo Rescue SE MI


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